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Workshops 2

Friday, September 8 • 1pm-2:30pm

Racial Justice: WHERE DO YOU BELONG? {Agave 8}

A History of Race & The Economy in North America. Unpack how race and whiteness are constructed identities built on decades of history and legislation.

Racial Justice: UNLOCKING THE POWER IN YOU {Agave 1}

Stop API hate. Learn how anti-API hate is rooted in anti-Blackness, white supremacy, and structural racism. Empower our community through cross-racial solidarity.


Practicing our organizing conversations around our issues and COPE.

Organizing: YOUR LEADERSHIP STANCE {Agave 6}

Take a deeper look at how you show up as an API leader and what you need from others to lead and organize more effectively

Political and Civic Engagement: API VOTERS COUNT! {Agave 3}

From being marginalized to becoming the margin of victory. Building a better future in civic engagement and politics as one of the fastest growing ethnicities.

Immigration Justice: OUR LEGAL RIGHTS {Agave 4}

The impacts of immigration on our organizing and what the law says.

Leadership Development: BUILD A TEAM, BUILD A COMMUNITY {Agave 5}

Learn how other locals created the space and structure to grow and sustain an API caucus or committee.

Resilience: RECENTER YOURSELF: TAI CHI {Agave 2}

A reminder to keep ourselves centered in our own health and wellness. Featuring Instructor Bo from Body and Brain, Las Vegas.

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